While Travelling – Road Trip to Delhi

While Travelling – Road Trip to Delhi



I have been thinking of writing about my #travel experiences and this is my first attempt.

Let me start with the introduction of myself and my travel enthusiast group. We are the group of three  college friends stuck together with one goal #travel. We started travelling by doing small treks first with one cause in mind, to go on the top of the mountain and enjoy the serene peace, to be on the beach at night and listen to the sound of ocean, to do nothing at all, “to seek peace in nature’s lap”. When we (three of us) started travelling as a group, we were broke always, so, we used to plan in such a way that, travelling costs less. After some time, travelling with little money in wallets became habit of our group eventually. Now, even though we are earning fair amount this habit is still with us. Another distinguishing trait of our group is that we never planned any trip place to place. This habit has its own pros and cons.
Now coming back to the title “While Travelling – Road Trip to Delhi”. Its been a while we have done this Road Trip to Delhi, so i might miss some details. As I have mentioned above, we never plan trips as they should be “ideally” planned, this trip was unruly from the beginning.
Day 0 –
We started our journey from Pune towards Delhi at night 11.00 PM after having heavy dinner in Pune itself, so, no-one was in mood to drive but still we had lot to catch-up. So, one of us drove as he could and stopped at Temple in Newasa to have some sleep. We always carry tent with us so there is no issue of having roof above us while we sleep.
Day 1 –

Ellora Caves

Next morning, we started our journey towards Dhar where we were planning to stay that night, but of course we stopped in Aurangabad to see #ElloraCaves. As you all must know, #Ellora caves are India’s one of the largest rock-cut caves monastery temple cave complexes in the world. and UNESCO’s #WorldHeritageSite having Buddhist, Jain and Hindu monuments.
About such caves there is always more to say. Just being there watching  those sculptures and carving is amazing experience. Those carvings take you to that particular time of history and lets you conceive each and every bit of it.
Visiting Ellora Caves was detour from our rough plan so we made our minds and begun our Journey towards Dhar.

Bhoj-Shala, Dhar, MP

We reached Dhar at midnight and stayed at my relative’s place there.
Day 2 –
Next morning we were supposed to start our journey towards #Udaipur but naturally we got allured into the proposal of kaka (My Uncle) to stay till lunch and go out for sightseeing #Dhar. So Kaka took us out to show #BhojShala (Hall of Bhoja). Now, this place is also known as Lat-ki-Masjid. Then we went to see Fort of Dhar and the museum. Being in Dhar was great experience as my ancestors lived there for some period in 18th century. I wish, I had more time to stay.
After having lunch, we continued our journey towards Udaipur. By the time, we were near Udaipur we realised that if we stay to see Udaipur, our next plan will affect severely.
So, we decided to head towards #Ajmer and stay there. We stayed at hotel near Ajmer.
Day 3 –
Next day, as usual we took detour to visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah. When we entered the premises of Khawaja Garib Nawaz, we saw group of singers singing #SufiSangeet. That was it. We got enticed to sit there and listen to them. Listening to Sufi songs at that place is another level of Bliss. We got of Dargah with Happy faces. Having said that, we had lost of time there which we were supposed to go further towards #Jaipur.
We commenced our journey towards #Jaipur and reached Jaipur in the evening and saw Light and sound show at #AmerFort. We stayed in Jaipur.

Day 4 –

Amer Fort

In the morning after having breakfast, we decided to take help of local guide. In such tourist places, taking a guide is always a risky job. This “Guide” showed us nothing but 4 local clothing and apparel stores. Total waste of time and money. By noon, we got rid of this “guide” and straight headed towards #Jaigarh. Watching Light and Sound show before visiting Jaigarh and Amer Forts was truly a perfect decision. Knowing at least little history of such  historical places  before visiting makes the visit more meaningful.
Visiting museums also proves to be useful to learn about history of the place in detail.

Jaywan Cannon, Jaigarh


At Jaigarh, there is cannon named Jaywan which is one of the largest Cannons made in those time (1720AD). The size of the cannon is 20 feet. Awfully large Cannon. Later that day we headed towards Sariska National Park but couldn’t make it in time. That is before 2.30PM. So, they stopped us at gate and didn’t let us in even after we tried convincing them that we will be out before 6.00PM. So, there was no option for us other than letting it go. But then Google played significant role and we got to know about Bhangarh, one of the most haunted places in India.

Haunted & Abandoned Fort, Bhangarh
Peacock, Bhangarh Fort

Another subtle decision we made which proved to be best for us was visiting #Bhangarh. Bhangarh is an abandoned fort full of monkeys. If you visit this place, I am sure this place will remind you of the Abandoned fort where the Monkey King Louie ruled and apprehended Mowgli there for he needed red flower (fire) from movie Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. While wandering inside the fort we met and befriended 2 local men.They helped to stay inside the fort till 9.30PM which closed at 6.00PM. They knew way outside the Fort other than the main entrance. After coming out, we had local meal there and camped outside near #BhangarhFort. Well, one cannot elaborate the Joy of #Camping in the Jungle, under the stars in words. One has to experience this himself. Loved it.

Day 5 –

Three of Us at Lotus Temple, Kalkaji

We started heading directly towards our Final Destination of our #RoadTrip, #Delhi. But on the way, we went to see #LotusTemple in Kalkaji.

There we met some people who are believers of #Bahai Religion. According to these promoters of #Bahai I met at the #LotusTemple and what I have learnt about the teachings messenger Baha’u’llah, the “nucleus” of this religion is “Unity”, “Unity of God”.
Now the point is, with The God comes the religion. So ultimately it leads to “Unity of Religions”. This principle seems to be great. There is no problem with it.
But, problem arised when the follower said they consider Baha’u’llah as (one more) prophet “next to God” and Baha’i as another (plus one) religion.
Here, (plus one) religion One more could be the thing populace MAYnot broach well.
Though, the principle notion of Baha’i which goes “As humankind metamorphose and develop its character, religion should metamorphose and develop itself” to ultimately Aurify Human as whole. #Peace #Hope #Life

After having seen and
For the first time, “posting a check in status” on Facebook helped. I posted a “travelling to Delhi” status on Fb. And got a comment from my lost high-school friend and he offered me to stay at his Place, The Air-Force Station, Palam.  So, we directly headed towards Palam. When we reached there, there was a huge group of Air-Force Staff waiting to welcome us. We were overwhelmed. It seems my friend commissioned all of his staff for us that day.  We saw Air-Force Museum, Palam That day and had rest remaining day. Enjoyed the Dinner with new “Air-Borne” friends in Air-Force canteen.
Day 6 –
On this day we did what every tourist does in Delhi. One does not have to expatiate Delhi, right? Things to Do in Delhi: Visit #RedFort, #Qutubminar, #IndiaGate, etc. Try variety of local Cuisines. DONE. That’s it.
Stayed outside Delhi in hotel that day.

Day 7 – 
Our return journey started and we traveled as much as we can and stayed at the hotel on the way.

A quick detour to Udaipur just to say that we have been to there too. We continued our Journey till we reached Godhra, Gujarat and stayed there.

Day 8 – 
Travelling whole day. Reached Pune. Back Home. Coming back home is as important as travelling. HOME FEELS GOOD ALWAYS.
Overall the experience of this road trip influenced us to travel more and we did and we are going to travel more and explore new arenas.
Travelling Rejuvenates us.
Approx. Rs.8000.00/- per person for three of us.
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