Unusual Rock formation in India

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

In my childhood I used to be a big fan of ‘ Bear Grylls ‘ ( Now also ) because of his adventures travels , Specially i loved those places like , when he goes to  rock formations like Duckbill , Angels landing , Chimney rock etc. But this all mountains are in US , Canada or any other country not india . Is  that the question if we want to explore the these type of hill rocks we need to visit abroad ?

Wait !! Wait !! What ?

Heres comes the main point.  Most of indians think these type of mountains or rock formation  are  available only in abroad , not here in India . This were where we goes wrong . Just Remeber one thing ” In India we have something for every one ” . From glacier mountains to Desert safari , From coral sea to Mountain ranges etc . Only thing is we need to explore .

Yana caves 3
Yana Caves

Here Comes the Yana , One of the must visit place for trekkers and nature lovers . Yana caves is an gift of nature to us . Yana village located in the forest of kumta, Uttara kannada District of Karnataka . Two rock monoliths in sahyadri range sarrounded by thick forest of western ghats  .Yana caves are mainly divided into 02 Main hill rocks Mohini shikara and the Main one Bhairavehwara shikara 

Mohini Shikara
Bhairaveshvara Shikara
Mohini Shikara

Yana is known for these two colossal rock outcrops as the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and the Mohini Shikhara . The mountains are camposed of crystalline karst limestone and solid black . If we compare this both shikharas Mohini shikara is 90 meters and Bharaveshwara shikhara is 130 meters in height . Aprt from these monoliths Yana is well known pilgrimage centre among hindus .During the annual festival shivaratri for 10 days its fully crowded place . After exploring the yana one can visit vibhuti falls which is just 8-9 k/m from here 

Bhasmasura and mohini.v1
Mohini and Bhasmasura
Yana in Hindu Mythology 

The story is of Bhasmasura a Demon king who had obtained boon from lord Shiva which convert evreything he touches to ashes ( Bhasma ) . After obtaining the boon , he wanted to test his newly aquired powers on Shiva itself , by placing his hand on Shiva’s head . He chased lord shica in a intention to destroy him . In this critical situation shiva decided to seek help from Lord Vishnu . Lord Vishnu agrred to help and save his life , He transformed himsef to apsara Mohini ( Female fatale of Hindu mythology ) . Beauty of Mohini distracted the intention of Bhasmasur . The Mohin avatar of  lord vishnu challanged the asura to engage in dance competition , in which bhasmasura should perform all the poses and steps of mohini herself does . Asura agreed and the competition starts . After few steps , mohini cleverly poses her hand touches into her  head . To please mohini , bhasmasura , tries to repeat the same , and places his hand into his own  head . Because of the powers he had he burned himself into ashes . It’s believed that when bhasmasura touched his own head , the fire was so enormous  that it everything around and turned into black ash .


How to Reach 
  • Airport – Nearest International Airport is Goa , From Goa you can take train , bus or Private cab to reach Kumta ( In Kumta you can hire private Car or take GOVT bus ) 
  •  Bus – Kumta bus stand is well connected to state capital and nearest major cities  ( In Kumta you can hire private Car or take GOVT bus ) 
  •  Rail – Kumta & Gokarna ( Tourist village in Kumta ) stations are well connected to trains from Goa and Bangalore  ( In Kumta/Gokarna  you can hire private Car or take GOVT bus in Kumta ) 

To reach Yana is suggested hire cab from kumta station or bus stand ( Kumta station to Bus stand 05 minutes walk ) . Only 02 Govt buses are operating from kumta bus stand , one is at between 07-08 in morning and second is between 12-02 PM  in the after noon . The same buses will return from yana for return travel . It will take 1 hr to reach Yana caves from Kumta bus stand &  approx 02 to 03 hrs required to explore the caves .   

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