The Story of Rice

The Story of Rice

The influence of rice on humankind reaches far back in time . Rice has been growing in Asia since last 7,000 years . Recent findings in China indicate that this period may go back up to 10,000 years . From the terrace of China to the lowlands of Sri Lanka , it is cultivated in all continents except Antarctica . About half of the world’s population , most of the population living in Asia, depends on rice as a staple food . From humble origins , rice has evolved in Asia’s most deeply revered heritage .

Local traditional rice varieties and ecological rice farming has sustained Asian rice farmers and consumers safely for most of foregone decades . There are thousands of rice varieties all over the world. Different stories are told about how rice became important for human beings. The Chinese believe that rice is a gift from animals . Once upon a time , China was hit by very bad floods. People ran up to the hills to stay . When the floods were over , they came down and found that all the plants had died .

They tried hunting but there were few animals left . One day , some people saw a dog running across the field . Around its neck were bundles of stalks with yellow seeds . The People grew these seeds and called the plants ”rice”. With rice to eat , they were not hungry anymore . This is why rice is considered more precious than jewels in Chinese culture .

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