Siddi African’s are indian nationals ?

Siddi African’s are indian nationals ?

Africans Who Became e Indians

Yes you heard it right , these people known as siddi’s  who are decedents of east African tribe  .For over 800 years, this African descent tribe has called India its home. Its women wear saris, and the men, children, and elders speak the same languages that we do. But how well do we know the Siddis?

There are at least approx or more than   50,000 of an African-origin ethnic tribe who have been living in near total obscurity in India for centuries. Isolated and reclusive, Siddis are mostly confined to small pockets of villages in the Indian states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, and the city of Hyderabad (there’s also a sizable population in Pakistan). Descendants of Bantu people of East Africa, Siddi ancestors were largely brought to India as slaves by Arabs as early as the 7th Century, followed by the Portuguese and the British later on. Others were free people who came to India as merchants, sailors and mercenaries before the Portuguese slave trade went into overdrive. When slavery was abolished in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Siddis fled into the country’s thick jungles, fearing recapture and torture.The majortity of Siddhis in india are Bandtu peoples from Southeast Africa


Histroy related of BOTH Indian subcontinent & African continent

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Most of Africans traveled to India as traders & brought here as a slaves , but throughout the year they are part of India’s  rich heritage kingdoms , wars etc

Some of might heard about Malik amber . A Ethiopian military leader of deccan region  , during is childhood sold by his parents . Malik known for his strategists and taking on the powerful Mughal rulers of northern India


Abyssinians in Africa  also known as Habshis in India, mostly came from the horn of Africa  to the subcontinent. According to report  Africans were successful in India because of their military prowess and administrative skills.


In India “African men were employed in very specialized jobs, as soldiers, palace guards, or bodyguards; they were able to rise through the ranks becoming generals, admirals, and administrators,” she says

It is very important for Indians to know that Africans were an integral part of several Indian sultanates and some of them even started their own dynasties.

This 17th-Century cloth painting depicts a procession of Deccani sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah. African guards are seen here as part of the sultan’s army.

This painting shows a reservoir built by an Abyssinian eunuch in the 17th Century

Apart from the Deccan sultanates in southern India, Africans also rose to prominence on the western coast of India. Some of them brought their traditional music and Sufi Islam with them

Traditional Siddhi’s

This 1887 painting from Kutch portrays the Sidi Damal, a religious, ecstatic dance form of the Muslim Sidis who were brought to India from East Africa.


In India where we can find them

Siddhis of Uttara Karnataka

They are integral part of India now ,  If you really  have wish to meet them than you can possibility find out them in villages of Maharashtra , Karnataka , Goa & gujrat etc

Like in Karnataka – yellapur , haliyal , ankola , joida , mungod , sirsi etc  .In gujrat Possible to trace near Gir

Notable  African people from Indian history

  • Malik Amber , a regent of ahmednagar kingdom
  • Noon Meem Danish , Urdu Port
  • Nawab from janjira state
  • Nawab of Sachin kingdom


Words of Siddi’s

“We are used to the cameras and none of us worry being photographed in the way we are,” whispered Faisal, the man I tipped to take me around the Jambur village of Gujarat. Famously known as Siddhis of Jambur, Faisal lives here in this community of Afro-Indians, the descendants of Africans living in India. I traveled to the Gir National park last month with the desire to site the Asiatic lions and drive a bit ahead to meet this Afro-Indians community – Siddhis of India

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