Onake Obavva

Onake Obavva

Is any one know Onake obavva ( Pestle obavva  )? or have heard about her . Onake  Oabavva a non-forgottable History of karnataka  . A wife of a Guard who saved fort of Paleyagara’s from a Demon Hyderali who want to capture it. A lady who sacrificed her life to save the chitradurg fort .A lady killed many numbers of soldiers from Hyder ali’s army  . Obavva she is just an house wife who written her name in history with her bravery  . You guys must be thinking how a lady can do these things ,  Is it  posssible ?

So let me tell you one story

So once upon time there is empire called Paleyagara’s empire which ruled by group of paleygaras , who use to stay in chitradurg fort . A fort which is  designed in such way that no-body can defeat that . During that time Hyder ali an ‘king of Mysore’ want capture this fort to extend this empire . He fought many wars with Paleygaras’s but he defeated by them . After all these things he understand one thing  if he want to win against them than he needs to attack from inside the fort . So he sent group of soldiers to find out if any hidden gate to enter the fort or not . The group of soldiers went to find our is such things exist or not .

Soldiers group started to spying on fort . Is anything they can find to enter in the fort or not .In there continous search they noticed one unusual thing . A lady of curd seller who was in the fort , ”after some time they finded her outside the fort” .But she is not  exitted from main gate . After this they come to know about that its on ”kindi’ here which is an entry point to chitradurg fort .They soldiers informed about this KINDI to Hyder ali and he sent his army for an war with them .    It was an time of an afternoon a  wall guard is doing is duty on the fort .As it is lunch time Obavva called her husband wall guard for an lunch .

After serving an lunch to her husband Obavva came to know that there no water in her house . so she taken pot and walking towards the well to fill out some water . As she is  on her way she find some unusual voice coming . By following the voice she saw that there is an soldiers entering  in fort from that KINDI .She gone to inform her husband as he doing his lunch she thought not disturb him during his lunch . She decided to stop the enemies alone till her husband complete his Meal . She taken Onake(pestle) from her kitchen started towards that kindi to  fight with the enemies alone . She started to kill the soldiers who entering the fort from that hole One by One .

Unfortunately for the soldiers, they were in stealth mode. So when soldier 2 didn’t hear anything from soldier 1, that was totally the plan – he wasn’t supposed to be making any noise! Really, from that perspective, she was just helping them out, as none of them would make noise ever again.

The next bit of her life went something like this:

Whack head. Crush skull. Shove corpse.

Whack head. Crush skull. Shove corpse.

Whack head. Crush skull. Shove corpse.

Again. And again. And again.

Meanwhile, Her husband who was already completed his lunch found that till his wife not returned .So he started walk  towards the well to find out her . When he reached near kindi , he saw the  bunch of enemies deadbodies . By following the deadbodies he came to know that his wife killed all of them alone with help of Onake who are entering the fort from that kindi . In eyes of her wife he founded devi durga itself . Onake Obavva informed her husband that enemies are trying to enter the wall

Her husband sounded the alarm, and the guards finally reinforced the poor beleaguered woman, pushing back the invaders. She died that day, although the reasons vary from telling to telling. In most versions, one of the invaders finally got through and fatally stabbed her (and had his head subsequently caved in for his trouble). In others, she dropped dead of exhaustion — which, if the hundred man murder spree is true, is somewhat understandable.

Oh, and she was part of the Beda community, a group considered by some to fall under the Dalit (“untouchable”) grouping in the caste system

Onake Obava

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