My Trek to Lonavala

Every one has their own story
“Every day, I woke up, I tried to find reasons to live. Every day, when I slept, I tried to find reasons to not die. Every moment, I tried to find reasons to hope, dream and love. But I never found them. Until I met you.”

As told above ,every one having their own way explaining story .I will start to describe in short and sweet but this place wont be sufficient to describe in a way I experienced it. You may guess the place ? yes that’s right! The place is in lonavala, I met the group at dadar station to leave for the Trekk, we were 15 people who were leaded by one of my close friends and the group comprised with my other college friend,Afternoon we boarded to Sinhagad express, as we are travelling in general dibba searching for a place to sit. All of my friends from playing games , Me and  neil(friend of mine ) sat on the door ,listening to music and enjoying the beautiful view from the running train. We reached there in lonavala by 5 / 5:15 and filled our bottles and changed our clothes went into form for trekking as mostly all of us were first time Trekkers. We catched rickshaws to reach the place named Tungarli dam from where the trekk was going to start.


We reached in about 10 mins to the place and started to walk as friend of mine carried a DSLR he was capturing photos of us and we were overjoyed to be there. At the start the roads are inclined so all our boost was used in that but we all walked till we stopped at our first halt at sunset.We clicked photos and than a gathering was done to introduce ourselves to each other as some faces were new for me and I for them and a small briefing or i can say a small get to gather was also done as it was night trek through the jungles. We stopped at many points to take a break as it was a 14 km of walk. We reached at the campsite around 10:30pm where we were offered dinner and after having our dinner sometime later we went to the place where our tents were pitched. If any going for trek , than they must spend their night in the tent only as it was first tent night of trek .if one can spend  their night in camp than only they able experience the movement of trek na

We started the campfire near our tent and group started to dance, sing and while some of us like me were more interested enjoy the beauty of the nature while star gazing and we all slept after 2 hours of enjoying ourselves. We may be woke at around 6am as we needed to head to see the shrivardhan fort nearby to campsite but before that we were taken our breakfast. After having with breakfast headed towards the Fort. Climbed the fort in about 1 hr 30 min and had an awesome view up there.I can’t able to decribe/gift which nature has given us .

Like one Great legend said “Just living is not enough… …
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. …
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. …
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. …”
‘unknown author

We waited there admiring the beauty for about sometime, Than time has come say good bye..we headed down towards the campsite .As it was already afternoon when we reached down , taken lunch at the campsite and after we headed for a nearby lake to soak our legs in.nearby to the lake there is a shiv mandir where some of us prayed and than we headed back to the campsite where a jeep was waiting for us to drop at lonavala station. We reached at lonavala station by 3 and headed back to our homes…..




Story by :- Mohammad Tinwala

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