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Most visited tourist attraction in the world

It is true that Paris's Eiffel tower get more than 07 million visitors per year . A city of love , A city of perfumes.But it's not the most visit tourist attraction in the world .

I know 07 million is huge number Right ? but dont' forgot one thing world population more than 7.6 billion

The most visited/popular tourist attraction title goes to Las Vegas Strip , Which received visitors in the number of 30 million per year . Las Vegas a Casino hub the of the world

which once a only desert place , no one interested to stay there . But now it is the major spot of tourist's . A people's from all over the world comes here to drink , eat and party in the debaucherous town.

the website called loveshomeswap.com created info graphic which ranks the  50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions In The World, by how many visitors they receive each year.

A Newyork city in the same country take the #2 & #3 spots in this list , with time square seeing 39.2 million visitors per year and central Eiffel Tower (#38) , Great Wall of China  (#28) ranks's relatively low on the list

Most visited tourist attraction in the world


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