Magical Paradise : Mawlynnong

Magical Paradise : Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong…. Many of you must have skipped reading the word in it’s title only. Haha… now you are smiling because you did the same thing. So, the next destination of our “Discovering Undiscovered” series is the place “Mawlynnong”. And now you have to try reading the word because it will come often while reading this whole article.

Name is quite difficult to pronounce but the village is clean, pretty and villagers are kind-hearted. First we will talk about the village. Around 90 km from Shillong ( Capital of Meghalaya), there is a magical paradise called Village Mawlynnong. Actually it’s a small village like other ordinary villages, but the extraordinary thing is that this village won the status of being the Cleanest Village in Asia in the year 2003. People living here are not just nature lovers but innovative creators. They make full use of natural things. In similar way, gives back to the nature. Here, guest houses are thatched Khasi huts with gardens full of colorful flowers and bamboo baskets outside the house, used as bins. The waste is collected in these bins and directed to a pit, then used as manure for trees. As well all residents mandatorily participate in cleaning up the village. Also smoking and use of polythene is completely banned, while rainwater harvesting is encouraged.

Another spectacular thing here is bridges made by twisting the roots of the gigantic rubber trees. The roots make pathway across the stream and makes it easy for villagers to commute.Can you believe? One more innovation of villagers is the sky view constructed by them. It is a high viewing tower made of bamboos. It gives stunning view of not just the village Mawlynnong but also Bangladesh on the other side. Isn’t it interesting? With the Sky view point, Balancing rock of Mawlynnong, Borhill Falls, Nohwet view point are interesting spots to discover in a stay at Mawlynnong. One more interesting fact about these people is they respect women and society is Matrilineal. The properrty and wealth are passed from the mother to the youngest of her daughters, who also keeps the mother’s surname.

Not only the scenic bliss of the town is refreshing , but the villagers give us some amazing lessons on life. So, now are you planning to visit Mawlynnong?

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