Lost Indian Treasure found ?

Lost Indian Treasure found more than 1400 years later


India is cradle of the human race

the birthplace of human speech ,

the mother of history ,

the grandmother of legend , and

the great grand mother of tradition .

Our most valuable and most constructive

materials in the history of man are

treasured up in India only

**by Mark Twaain

India is gem of a country. It’s history, culture & heritage is as unique as it is rich. It’s no wonder that a lot of great personalities has acknowledged India’s contributions to the world.Some of you might think what will be that treasure which is hidden for more than 1400 years .It is lost Indian treasure which discovered just 200 years ago which hidden for many centuries , Not even local inhabitant able discover that places these many years . Can any one guess ? what will be treasure !! Let me guess ? Is it a Gold , silver , Diamond or anything else . No it’s not , For Indian’s treasure is not only a these valuable stones , for us our culture is an big treasure , Our rich histories our architecture is more than this

Today we are going to talk about a,  group of 30 caves  which is unknown for more than 1000 years except to flood waters , insects ,  wild animals  ,prodigious foliage and perhaps the local Bhil people ( Local community near Aurangabad , Maharashtra ), this magnificent gift of work of art, architecture and contemplation, was abandoned by those who created it as long ago as AD 500. In 1983 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was time when India is   under the rule of Britishers . John smith a young British officer who was on tiger hunt when he saw a mouth of cave a high above waghora  ( Tiger ) river . That could only have been man made . With fear in his heart gun in hand he entered the one of loni , flaming the grass torch , encountered a great vaulted and colonnaded hall, its walls covered in faded paintings. Beneath a dome, a timeless praying Buddha fronted a mound-like shrine, or stupa.

Source   :- The Ajanta Caves were abandoned in the 5th Century AD and weren’t discovered by the outside world until some 1,400 years later (Dinodia Photos / Alamy)Ajanta leni


Name carved of British officer smith on  a statue of a Bodhisattva, a figure representing one of the past lives of the Buddha before he achieved Nirvana, or union with the divine spirit. Since then, thousands of people have added their names as the Ajanta caves – a gallery of the oldest and some of the finest of all Buddhist art – has gained fame and become a compelling tourist attraction.

News of discover is spread like fire . In 1844, Major Robert Gill was commissioned by the Royal Asiatic Society to create reproductions on canvas of the wall paintings. This was the beginning of measures to reveal and document the prayer halls (chaityagrihas) and monasteries (viharas) that had, it seems, been hewn from solid rock in two phases, the first – five prayer halls – between the 1st  and 2nd  centuries BC and, the second – 25 monasteries, or monks’ lodgings – in the 5th Century AD.

Officer Gill worked in truly difficult conditions. Not only was it often unbearably hot, but this was still tiger country, and the fierce Bhil people had never come to terms with invaders, whether Hindu or Moghul emperors or 19th Century British military.

After the discovery of Ajanta it became pilgrimage place for Buddhist people , archaeological place for archaeologist and tourist place for tourist me .   if some one really  want to know how good India in their architecture some one once visit this place.

The Ajanta Caves are generally agreed to have been made in two distinct periods, the first belonging to the 2nd century BCE to 1st century CE, and a second period that followed several centuries later . It was built during that time when use to called in golden age . In that time only the great kingdom like Rashtrakutas , Chalukya , Shatavahanas , Mauryan empire rules Indiafo

So isn’t it the treasure for us ?  for people like for whom history is the gift which is gift given to us by our ancestor . In on other we should thank that British officer smith to discovering the lost Indian treasure after 1400 years  

How to reach ajanta ?

  • By road Ajanta is hardly 100 k.m.. from Aurangabad city . Aurangabad which is well connected to routes of All major cities of Maharashtra  by bus 
  • By rail Aurangabad is well-connected to Mumbai and Pune . The If you disembark at this station, you can opt for local transport to tour the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

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