Last Sanskrit Village – India

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Last Sanskrit Village - India

A Language which is known to be a mother of most indian language , A language which is pehchaan of India
Which has been in history around 1000 of years , A language which has been used in Ramayana , Mahabharata
A language which has been proud of india but it is an Big question mark now ? is sanskrit will be alive in future


History of sanskrit 

The earliest attested Sanskrit texts are religious texts of the Rigveda, from the mid-to-late second millennium BCE. No written records from such an early period survive, if they ever existed. However, scholars are confident that the oral transmission of the texts is reliable: they were ceremonial literature whose correct pronunciation was considered crucial to its religious efficacy.

From the Rigveda until the time of Pāṇini (fourth century BCE) the development of the early Vedic language can be observed in other Vedic texts: the Samaveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda, Brahmanas, and Upanishads. During this time, the prestige of the language, its use for sacred purposes, and the importance attached to its correct enunciation all served as powerful conservative forces resisting the normal processes of linguistic change. However, there is a clear, five-level linguistic development of Vedic from the Rigveda to the language of the Upanishads and the earliest sutras such as the Baudhayana sutras

Our generation doesn't even know what sanskrit exactly is ? some of youngster might think that it is an language of religious belief

Recently i red article  somewhere A european country germany has keen interested to start sanskrit university due a increase in demand of sanskrit learner. But in india govt not even ready to speak about sanskrit , where the origin of language has been started . Indians are more interested to speak in english rather than to learn sanskrit

How many of you know that most of the words of english are taken from sanskrit only

''Matra as ' Mother "

"bratra as brother ''

''Jamiti becomes Geometry ''

''Trikonmiti becomes trigonometry ''


Last village

But there is village called Mattur in shivamogga district of karnataka where sanskrit is still alive . One can find the usage of sanskrit from vegetable seller , shopkeeper to top peoples . Sanskrit is an first language of this village . Mattur it is only village in world where sanskrit is used for day to day life . it is not like that if these villagers using sanskrit language to their Regular routings means their back away from modern culture . They also use modern technologies to their day to day life but their is mission is to save sanskrit . Sanskrit is not just language for matturians it is an way of life here . A single person from village can teach you sanskrit if you keen interested to learn .

These villagers also providing 20 days course to those people who are keen interested to learn sanskrit but certain T&C apply

mattur doesn't have any hotel to stay , one can has to spend their nights in local people house only . during tenure of course they have to use only sanskrit

When you are in mattur a people from here helps in such way that your's one of the family member of them ,

A pandit's from these village also provide online tutorials to learn sanskrit online . There should be  two gifts which parents can give to their children, one is their route another one is their culture


Like mattur people we also have to do some initiative work to spread the awareness of sanskrit in the minds of common indian

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