Lake created by meteor

Lonar Lake created by meteor

Lonar Crater Lake at Lonar Town in Buldhana District , Vidarbha Region , Maharashtra state India

Lonar Lake is a saline soda lake , formed around 52,000 years ago as a result of meteor striking the surface of the earth . for perspective , the meteor weighed 02 million tons and was traveling at an estimated speed of 90,000 Kmph

The Lonar lake was first mentioned in ancient scriptures like Skanda Purana, the Padma Purana and the Ain-i-Akbari. A European British officer, J.E. Alexander, in 1823 first visited to lake

District Buldhana in Maharashtra, where the lake is located, was once part of The Great Ashoka’s empire and then of Satavahana’s. The Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas also ruled this area. In the era of the Mughals, Yadavas, Nizam and the British, trade prospered in this area. Several temples found on the periphery of the Lake are known as Yadava temples and also as Hemadpanti temples (named after Hemadri Ramgaya)


Ambar Lake
There is an small circular depression at a distance of around 700m from the main lake, it’s believed to be caused by a splinter of the meteor that hit the ground to also make a crater. There is a Hanuman temple near this lake, with the idol made of rock believed to be highly magnetic. Tmbar lake water is being drained by local farmers. Some time this lake also called as chota (little) Lonar

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