Have you ever traveled and discovered Goa beyond 90 km? No. I think you should, otherwise you are missing something, you are missing Mother Nature at her beautiful best. Karwar a city of of Karnataka , which is an head quarter of Uttara Kannada district .Situated between Sahyadri ever green forest in east, blue Arabian Sea to the west, towards south ends with harbour and North the beautiful Kali river Karwar is the place where the legendary writer Late. Sri Rabindranath Tagore first pened his poems. He was greatly impressed by the beauty of Karwar, that he quoted Karwar to be the Kashmir of Karnataka”.


Kashmir of Karnataka ?

Kashmir of Karnataka
Really , You might thinking . What will be the comparison between snow mountain and karwar . Dr. rabindranath Thagore compared the beauty of karwar with Kashmir . A beauty of Beaches , Lovely nature of people ,Local  Culture cusine etc .A long strip of beach that runs till the eyes can see, pristine blue water lapping over the soft and gentle sand and receding back into the mighty Arabian Sea, a spread of green laid out in all its glory to admire and behold – this is the beauty of Karwar.  Karwar serves as an ideal vacation spot for adventurers, honeymooners and families alike

Karwar Known for 

Karwar-A well kept secret
Karwar is famously known for its exquisite beaches, picturesque scenic landscapes, blooming flora and vast green hills – all these round up the beauty that Karwar has to offer to its tourists .Karwar is also regarded as the city that inspired the  Rabindranath Tagore, to pen Prakritir Pratishodh

Words of Tagore 

Let me sink down, losing myself in the depths of midnight. Let the Earth leave her hold of me, let her free me from her obstacle of dust. Keep your watch from afar, O stars, drunk though you be with moonlight, And let the horizon hold its wings still around me. Let there be no song, no word, no sound, no touch; nor sleep, nor awakening,– But only the moonlight like a swoon of ecstasy over the sky and my being. The world seems to me like a ship with its countless pilgrims, Vanishing in the far-away blue of the sky, Its sailors’ song becoming fainter and fainter in the air, While I sink in the bosom of the endless night, fading away from myself, dwindling into a point.


List to Explore 

01) Karwar Beach , Devbagh beach , Brinaga beach etc
02) Rabindranath Tagore beach – Place for water sports swimming etc
03)Sadhashiv fort , Kot shiveshwar etc