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Important Information- China Immigration Finger Print







C.​​ no.​​ 01.01.2018




Dear​​ Travel Partner,



Please​​ be​​ informed​​ that​​ according​​ to​​ New​​ regulations​​ effective​​ April​​ 28,​​ 2018​​ of​​ China​​ Immigration​​ of​​ the​​ Exit​​ and​​ Entry​​ Administration​​ Law​​ of​​ P.R.C.,​​ China​​ Immigration​​ Inspection​​ authorities​​ will​​ collect​​ the​​ fingerprints​​ of​​ entry​​ foreigners​​ aged​​ between​​ 14​​ (include)​​ and​​ 70​​ (include).


Upon​​ arrival​​ at​​ the​​ airport,​​ foreign​​ passengers​​ are​​ advised​​ to​​ follow​​ the​​ signposts​​ or​​ seek​​ the​​ guidance​​ of​​ immigration​​ officers​​ to​​ the​​ fingerprint​​ self-registration​​ area,​​ where​​ they​​ can​​ conveniently register their​​ fingerprint​​ information​​ according​​ to​​ on-screen​​ prompts.


Once​​ the​​ registration​​ process​​ is​​ finished​​ successfully,​​ please​​ keep​​ the​​ receipt​​ and​​ proceed​​ to​​ corresponding waiting​​ areas​​ for speedy​​ clearance of​​ border​​ control procedures.


For​​ holders​​ of​​ a​​ diplomatic​​ passport,​​ a​​ European​​ Union​​ Laissez-passer,​​ or​​ in​​ possession​​ of​​ a​​ Chinese​​ diplomatic​​ visa​​ or​​ courtesy​​ visa,​​ pax​​ will​​ be​​ exempted​​ from​​ fingerprint​​ registration​​ and​​ can​​ proceed directly​​ to​​ the​​ special lanes​​ for​​ entry​​ border​​ control procedures.


Please comply​​ with the​​ guidance​​ of​​ immigration​​ officers​​ on​​ duty.​​ Thank​​ you​​ for​​ your​​ support!


China​​ Eastern​​ Airlines- India

Phone:​​ 011​​ 43513166​​ /​​ 158​​ ; ​​ 033​​ 40448887/ 888

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