Floating Market

Floating Market


Everytime we hear the name ‘THAILAND’ our heart immediately screams vacation ! Thailand is one of the top touristic Asian countries and is well known for its tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins and beautiful temples displaying the art and culture of Thailand . In this article we will have a look at some of the top things to do and experience in BANGKOK and PATTAYA .

Pattaya Floating Market

Trip to the Pattaya Floating Market and Exhibition center

Take a walk around the traditional exhibition before entering the market to learn about the early Thai way of Life.

Pattaya Floating Market and Exhibition center

Once inside make sure you opt for the FREE MASSAGE as it is definitely worth it ( please tip the old woman )


Always carry your own water or buy your drinks at 7/11 before you enter any tourist places as they hike up all the prices inside .


once you are done walking around its time for the main event ‘THE BOAT RIDE’



The Main Event


The Pattaya Floating Market is definitely an Experience you will remember for a while , the ancient ways of the Thai people are showcased beautifully at this cultural site

Pattaya – Floating Market

The highlight of the trip (Boating) – Always insist to have your own boat if you want your privacy as they will try to combine groups together , it may take a while but at least you wont have to share with strangers.

Boats at the Market

Take a trip on the water around the market Enjoying the ride as you try the local food on the way before getting off and entering the market , your ride ends once you get off and there is no getting back on the boat again .

Boat ride around the Market

The market is Great for souvenirs and clothing (a bit pricey) , though you should avoid shopping too much at the market unless you are good at bargaining ,as there are plenty of other places with cheaper prices for clothing .

Inside the Market

After dark

Its best to go early and stay until dark as the market after dark is a unique experience you do not want to miss .

 The Local food is great and not expensive (About 20Bht – 300Bht) , Thai food is infused with flavours and the aromatic smells all over the market will guide you to the amazing food around the market . There is an unending list of foods you can choose from , I believe there is something for everyone

Street Food

Live food stalls

Make sure you spend as much time as you can here , as there is much to see here after dark !




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