Do you know some unusual facts about the Brahmaputra river ?

Do you know some unusual facts about the Brahmaputra river ?

Brahmaputra river , one of the largest river in the world . Which is known by by different names according to their region .
A river which is flows through 03 different countries ( China , India & Bangladesh ) .In hindi Brahmaputra , literally means son of brahma ( One of the supreme divinity in Hinduism ) . It is also known as Tsangpo (Purifier in Tibetan)It is a trans-boundary river and one of the most important rivers of India. The Brahmaputra Rivers usually include the Tista, Subansiri, Tsang-Po, and Jamuna (Bangladesh) – which is not the same as Yamuna of India.

Most of India’s rivers are considered feminine and are worshiped as Goddesses such as Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati , They are considered ‘nadi’but tthe Brahmaputra is said to be ‘nada’, the only river is that considered to be male.It is said this is because the river is strong,fast flowing , wide and deep . Though it has its origins in the Himalayas , the Brahmaputra flows through many countries . IT starts out as Yarlung Tsangpo in tibet , continues as Dihang in China , becomes the Brahmaputra in Assam,India and ends as Jamuna in Bangladesh


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