Cancun – The beach – Learning to be overwhelmed

Cancun – The beach – Learning to be overwhelmed

Are all beaches same?

At its core, every beach is same – no matter which beach you go to – it is a landform alongside a body of water which consists of loose particles, made from rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobblestones AND biological in origins, such as mollusc shells or coralline algae.

But then, what makes one beach more enjoyable than other?

There are few things that influence the impact of the beach on us…

1. Companion :

It makes a big difference how you experience the beach, depending on who is with you.

When you are with someone with whom you love the most and has developed a strong intimacy over the years, the beach gives a different flavour.

Kashmira and I are blessed to be that companion for each other for decades.

2. The Weather :

No matter how scenic the beach is, if the temperature and humidity are not right, you will not enjoy it as much.

The weather in Cancun was perfect – no heat, no cold, no rain, no humidity…only perfect cool breeze… caressing our tactile senses…

3. The colour of the water :

The standard colour is blue, but when you see all varieties of blue and then Emerald green, turquoise blue and many other shades of blue and green – it gives a different thrill to those waves and also to the still water.

Caribbean sea has some of the best colours in the water. We have been to many beaches on Caribbean and every time, we get that thrill from watercolours.

4. Clarity of the water :

Sometimes (Not all the times) it is mind-boggling to see how clear the water is and how easy to see the bottom at the seashore.

5. The colour of the sand :

We have been to beaches with black sand, brown sand, white sand and many other variations.

Each sand colour gives a different view of the beach

6. The texture of the sand :

Same as the colour of the sand, texture of the sand gives different feeling when you walk on the beach

7. Vegetations around the beach :

Some beaches have lots of vegetations around it and some have sparse. Each gives a unique view to the beach

8. The waves :

There is a calmness and there is a force – both let allow us to get overwhelmed by something bigger than us.

We all need to learn to be overwhelmed by something bigger than us, otherwise, we will miss some grand experiences like the love, the truth. If we run away from Ocean or similar grand experiences, we will run away from the Love, the truth. Ocean teaches us how to fall in love with Love itself.

9. The crowd :

There are times when you want to have a party at the beach and there are times when you just want to hold the hand of your beloved and walk leisurely on the beach – with no purpose at all.

Life is purposeless. It is living your life joyously, playfully, totally, and with no purpose at the end, with no purpose in view, no purpose there at all. Just like small children playing on the sea beach, collecting seashells and coloured stones – for what purpose? – No purpose.

10. Safety :

You can have all the perfect ingredient for an ideal beach, but if it is not safe, then it does not matter how great the beach is.

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11. Basic needs :

A beach is not complete until and unless you can have facilities to satisfy your hunger, thirst and elimination need.

The biological needs come before the metaphysical needs.

You can not love your beloved if you are hungry and thirsty and were looking for a bathroom for last one hour.

12. Cleanliness of the beach :

The waves of the ocean bring junk from the sea to the shore and same way humans bring the junk to the beach.

It is easy to become poetic, when everything around you on the beach is clean, including the beach itself.

13. Scenic view and Photography points :

Over the years, we have noticed that some beaches have built in scenic views(even though it is the same ocean and shore) and some beaches have man-made photographic views and points.

We take advantage of both.

14. Watersports :

I am NOT a water-person. I am more of a mountain person, but I do like some of the water sports- like Parasailing.

For some, this may be the main point when they pick a beach. For us, it is not a big deal. If it is there, we enjoy it, if it is not there, we do not miss it.

Cancun beach came pretty close to fulfilling all these criteria. No single beach can fulfil all the criteria all the time and every beach has its own unique beauty.

When we go to any beach, our goal is to find what is best in that beach and enjoy it.


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